Join the Indian Institute of Science Alumni Association of North America (IIScAANA) and become part of an organization of alums dedicated to helping you stay connected with each other and to IISc.

IISc AANA offers valuable programs to foster connections among all alumni, while providing special benefits for members to thank them for their support.

Get valuable benefits

Get exclusive access to alumni network, special rates on Reunion Homecoming and more. New benefits are always being added to meet the needs of our alumni.

Support alumni association’s activities

Your membership dollars will help IISc AANA to offer popular programs such as IISc AANA magazine, Reunion Homecoming, regional clubs/events, talks from industry experts/domain gurus, job posting, biz networking and free email accounts.

Stay connected to Indian Institute of Science

Connect to a powerful network of IISc alumni who live and work in your community and around the world.

  • Staying Connected
  • Free IISc AANA T-Shirt – When you join as a life member of the Alumni Association, you will receive a free IISc AANA T-Shirt
  • Online Services, including free IISc AANA email and online directories In addition to email and alumni directories, alumni can also join IISc online community or subscribe to e-mail lists dedicated to professional networking, discussion clubs and more.
  • IIScAANA News letter – IISc AANA plans to publish it annually to keep alumni connected intellectually and emotionally to the IISc and to one another. This magazine will include articles about innovative research and teaching, profiles of alumni, campus life/news and more.
  • Discounts on IISc AANA Global Conferences and affiliate events IISc AANA organises Global Conferences and its life members are entitled for discounts. IISc AANA has developed a partnership program with other affiliated organizations and life members are entitled for discount offered by partners.
  • Participate in regional activities and events in North America Find IISc where you live. From young alumni activities and family events, there is something for everyone. Events and activities include Founders Day, hiking and camping, fine-arts performances, talks, dinner socials, networking events, and more.
  • Alumni Directories, member pricing available your IISc friends are in the town you’ve moved to, the companies you do business with and in the cities you visit. Find them easily with the IISc AANA Alumni Directory. The directory includes home, business and e-mail addresses, as well as phone and fax numbers, all cross-referenced by class year, degree, geographic location, profession, family details, personal and professional interests.
  • Volunteer through the IISc AANA Volunteer Program The IISc AANA Volunteer program offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for alums. Opportunities are virtual, regional, and on campus – you can be involved wherever you live. Opportunities include advisory boards/committees, event support, speakers/tutors/mentors, web design/multi-media support, and more.
  • Work in collaboration other alumni networks and organizations towards rural research and education in India.
  • Join the movement to envision Indian rural educational and research revolution.
  • Network online with IISc friends and classmates through Facebook Page, LinkedIn Group, Youtube Channel, Google Chat Network personally and professionally in an informal environment, reconnect with old friends, and get to know friends-of-friends.

Become a member of the IISc AANA and you’ll enjoy a host of benefits. To be eligible for membership, you must have completed a minimum of one semester course work at undergraduate/graduate/doctorate/post-doc level. IISc Faculty, IISc staff, interns, residents, fellows, alumni spouse or individuals who support organization’s mission and vision are also eligible for a discounted Associate/Honorary membership.

Call the Membership Department at 650-965-2500 to sign up for membership. You may also e-mail us for sign-up and mention the plan of membership. Online sign-up is currently unavailable.

Below are the membership plans available to fit the need of our alums. Please choose the plan that’s right for you while emailing us.

General alumni membership – (Students awarded with degree by IISc or completed at least one semester of course work in IISc)

Lifetime membership: $500

Associate membership for non-alumni (Includes IISc Faculty, IISc staff, interns, residents, fellow and alumni spouse)

Lifetime membership: $500

Honorary membership (Friends Of IISc Membership) – (Includes any individual who support organization’s vision and mission)

Lifetime membership: $500

All the general members have voting rights. Only the general members can be office bearers of Board Member and National Executive Committee.

What is the best way to contact the IISc AANA Membership office?

Call: +1-510-378-7826

What are the IISc AANA Membership office hours?

Our office is located at:
897 Independence Ave, 4 C
Mountain View, CA 94043
Office bearers can be contacted Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Who can join IISc AANA?

There are three types of IISc AANA membership:

  • General Alumni Membership: Must have completed a minimum of one semester as part of degree program. Degrees include bachelors, masters, Ph.D., Post docs.
  • Associate Membership: Open to all IISc Affiliates including faculty, staff, interns, residents, fellow, alumni spouse and certificate holders.
  • Honorary Membership: Any individual who supports organization’s mission and vision.

Associate and honorary memberships are similar to general alumni membership, with out voting rights. Only the general members can be office bearers of Executive Committee.

Questions about Associate/Honorary Memberships?

Contact the IISc AANA Membership department at

Does the IISc AANA offer Joint or Family Memberships?

No. We do not offer joint or family memberships. If both people in a couple are IISc alums, each has to register separately.

Do membership rates change every year?

IISc =AANA was started in Year 2006 with a vision to connect each alumni so we want to keep the membership fee as minimum as possible.

Will I get a membership card? If Yes, How?

We are not issuing a physical plastic card for now but there is proposal. We will let every alumni know once this service is available.

Will I get any membership token when I join the IISc AANA?

You will get a free IISc AANA T-Shirt when you join as life member. There is plan to enhance this service with personalized key tag with your membership number on it, IISc AANA license plates.

Can I get extra T-Shirts?

Please visit IISc AANA website for IISc Store where you can order available IISc inventory items [T-Shirts, key rings and other material].

What is my IISc AANA member number?

This number will be emailed to you once you become member. It will be displayed in left top when you log on to the IIScAANA.

How can I pay my membership fee? How do I make an installment payment?

Right now you can write a check in favor of “IIScAANA” and mail it to:
Dr. Subba Rao Gunupudi
897 Independence Ave, 4 C
Mountain View, CA 94043
If you wish to make online payment, then please click here

Are there late fees? Penalties?

There is no late fee, interest or penalty for late payments. But we expect members to pay the fee as soon as they become members. Your membership goes on “hold” status and benefits are suspended until a payment is received. Memberships are never cancelled.

How do I get my alumni email account?

We are working on this feature and will announce soon.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

Please click on ‘forgot password button’ and it will navigate you through some security questions. Upon successfully answering the questions, you will receive your password in email.

You will be prompted to change your password once administrator resets the password

How can I change my principal email address?

Please send a detail mail to Membership team will contact you and validated before making any change.

I was a Project Associate in IISc, am I eligible for IISc AANA membership?

You can join IISc AANA as an associate member.

I want to join. What are the member benefits?

Please visit membership benefits page for details.