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Fourth IISc Global Conference, Palo Alto, California
Author: P. Droupadi

The fourth IISc Global Conference was organized with the theme “Science and Technology for a Better World.” It was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Palo Alto, California from June 21st to 23rd of 2019. This conference brought together many faculty from IISc and its alumni from North America with aspirations in academics, innovation, and business.

The conference was a continuation of the earlier three endeavors, which helped to strengthen and assemble the intellectual excellence of IISc Alumni. During the meeting, topics like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Next-generation Smart and Resilient Security, 5G network Transportation, Biomedicine and Environment, and Renewable Energy were discussed.

Dr. Anurag Kumar, the director of IISc, Prof. Rudra Pratap and several eminent IISc faculty and Alumni, Nobel Laureate Brian Kobilka from Stanford University, Eugene Tu from NASA and Om Nalamasu from Applied Materials, and members of UCLA shared their innovative objectives about imagining, experiencing and designing of a better world.

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