Sixteen  iisc alumni (13 from DFW and 3 from California)  met on October 28, 2023 morning to kick off the Texas/South Central US Chapter of IIScAANA in style.
Inspite of the rainy morning, these members enthusiastically made themselves available on the weekend morning.

An expansive events area in the UTD innovation hub was made available for this special occasion. Just the perfect venue for an informal yet special occasion such as this.

As the alumni trickled in, they went around introducing each other one on one over some Panera coffee and bagels.

Once the entire group gathered,  the official start of the IIScAANA Texas chapter was announced. This chapter intends to include the neighboring states, making it the South Central Chapter. As of this writing, its members are from the state of Texas only.

Each member introduced themselves to the group, it was interesting to see the range of graduation years starting from 1964 to 2001 and the spectrum of departments that were covered, not to mention the variety of professional, academic, entrepreneurial and research experiences that this group spanned.

The group went over the iiscaana registration/national conference registration details and then had a walkthrough of the 1000×1000 campaign being run by IISc Foundation.

The team thanked the guests from IIScAANA California, Subbarao, Mohan and Mrinalini for keeping sometime from their respective trips to DFW to make this event happen. Their visit gave the much needed push for TX team to meet and kickoff the chapter.

Sitting L to R - MLV Prasad, George Brody, Prof Mohan, Sarma Gunturi, Subbarao Gunupudi; Standing L to R Aparna Balasubramanian, Mrinalini Lakshminarayanan, Satya Palivela, Ganesh Rajagopal, Raj Devasigamani, Kiran Bacchawat, Sridhar Alagar, Krishna Rao, Jayakumar Madabusi, Shashi Purohit, Anil Kumar