Fellowship for Women In Science – An Update from IIScAANA midwest chapter

The IISc Alumni Association Midwest chapter of the USA is championing a program for
undergraduate women’s fellowships to increase the number of women in science and
technology. The program started in 2022 with the award of three fellowships:
Each student is awarded a fellowship for four years. Three more fellowships were
awarded in 2023. The program has been successful and received positive feedback
from the students and IISc.

Our goal is to fund three fellows annually for four years, totaling 12 fellowships. To
ensure sustainability, were creating an Undergraduate Women’s Fellowship
Endowment Fund. We need your help to reach our goal of a $400,000 endowment.
Invest in women’s education and change the world. Join us in empowering women to
make a lasting impact.

Your generosity can make a significant impact on the lives of women students. By
contributing through https://iisc-foundation.networkforgood.com/projects/202121-iisc-
aana-midwest-chapter-fundraiser, you can support the women’s fellowship under the
IISc-AANA sponsorship.

Well-wishers in India can donate at
science. Your donation can help provide much-needed resources and support for
women students, empowering them to achieve their academic goals and succeed in
their chosen fields. We invite you to make a lasting difference in the lives of these
talented and deserving students by donating today. We appreciate your support!

IISc AANA – Midwest chapter

Chairman & Co-Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Indian Institute of Science Alumni Association of North America (IIScAANA), a volunteer organization, whose mission and vision is “Giving Back” to the alma mater and to society. Founded in 2006, IIScAANA owes its success to numerous dedicated volunteers who have given freely of their time, intellect and resources to enrich this alumni/ae network. We are privileged to be two of the 25,000+ individuals to have benefitted from the education IISc provided in its illustrious history of the past 112 years and are honored to follow other alumni, by currently serving as co-chairs of IIScAANA.

IIScAANA is overseen by a Board of Directors and has the added benefit of an Advisory Board. We value the interests, time, and opinion of our alumni/ae stakeholders. Our goals are to bolster networking opportunities for alumni/ae at all stages of their careers; strengthen the existing chapters and facilitating the formation of new chapters; provide mentoring opportunities for recent alumni/ae; encourage philanthropy, create a robust web presence; and explore new and improved opportunities to connect with IISc and its Office of Development and Alumni Affairs (ODAA). IIScAANA has hosted three highly successful Global Conferences (2007, 2013, and 2019), and multiple National Meetings, where innovative advances were presented, old friendships renewed, and new interactions forged.

The year 2020 has brought the world unprecedented challenges and in the spirit of what IISc has taught us many of our alumni/ae are rising to the occasion by channeling their energies to convert the challenges into opportunities for creating a better world. In this regard, we are most proud of our recent alumni/ae who have launched the virtual “Early Career Sunday Seminar Series” with input from an advisory group of more senior alumni/ae. The recent alumni/ae are largely pursuing graduate work in the U.S., having obtained their baccalaureate degrees from IISc in the last 5 years. The goal of the series is to have distinguished alumni/ae share
their own experiences –both their successes and how they overcame challenges and most important to share their vision of how to be part of a better tomorrow. Being virtual, we are delighted that the audience has included alumni/ae, from across the globe, as well as students and faculty from IISc. This is just one example of how IIScAANA’s success as an organization rests on the collective enterprise of its members. This volunteer organization belongs to its members. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions. Although membership is “free”, we request everyone to consider becoming a life member, for the modest, one-time contribution of $500. These resources help in supporting the activities of the organization.

We wish you and your families the very best in health and safety and fervently look forward to a day when science and society has Covid19 under control.

With best wishes
Murthy Gudipati
Mrinalini Rao